Magento Or Wordpress?

Gone are the days when bandwidth and storage space were the only considerations to make when choosing a web hosting company. The functionalities of today's websites are so diverse that a one-fits-all hosting is not possible. If you are running an eCommerce website, a publishing-centred host is not right for you. Instead, a host that supports online card processing and various payment options is your solution. Combine this with business-minded qualities and you can rest assured your website is in good hands. Such are the benefits you get from our magento hosting uk.

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A comparison Between Magento and WordPress Hosting

In your search for webhosting services, Magento and WordPress must have popped up your browser severally. Well, that is because both are content management systems highly optimised for search engines. Additionally, both are supported by a wide online community but that is almost where their similarities end. While WordPress commands the content publishing world, Magento is the king for eCommerse sites.

Features of Magento Hosting

Magento is an eCommerce platform based on open source technology. Currently, more than 250,000 eCommerce establishments are hosted on the Magento platform. Merchants particularly prefer Magento for its high level of customization that makes it easier to create brand-specific websites. It also offers unmatched flexibility upon which online stores can tailor products according to their business needs. With our Magento hosting UK, you also get features like report generation, mobile commerce, multi-store management and scores of other marketing tools.

Features of WordPress Hosting

Just like Magento, WordPress is based on open source infrastructure but is tailored majorly for blogging sites. It also supports eCommerce plug-ins but their functionality is limited. If your eCommerce business makes use of various shipping options, only the robust Magento platform is right for you. With Magento, you also get support for different languages needed in eCommerce businesses.

Why you need to Select Good eCommerce Hosting

Now that you understand your eCommerce business requires Magento hosting, next is identifying the right service provider. Features to look for in a host include database support, the availability of SSL, security aspects, online payment services, and the shopping software supported. Beware that not all hosts deliver what they promise. Never allow cheap costs to blindfold you as a substitute for superior quality webhosting.

To get the best out of your Magento hosting, the service provider must guarantee you 99.9 percent uptime or more. This ensures that your eCommerce business does not miss a possible sale or viewership. Storage space is also worth considering as too low memory may limit the amount of content supported. With the high security risk of eCommerce sites, high security measures are a must have. Never settle for less than round the clock monitoring with DDoS protection.

The Verdict

Our Magento hosting UK features Secure Isolated Platform plans that are not only secure but stable. We have invested a great deal in server resiliency to minimise data loss to the practical limits. With unlimited scalability, we grow with your business even when transactions become complex. Choose our service today to get one of the most supportive customer services in the industry.